Unique and Interesting Android Apps of 2017

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All of us have an Android phone now a days. Today I’m going to present some of the unique and interesting apps in Google Play Store for your Android phone/tablet.

1. App Lock for Android


Are you using the App Lock or Gallery Vault applications to lock your private apps, photos and videos? Is your friends, family and colleagues finding your locked apps or Gallery Vault PIN or Pattern by looking over your shoulder? Are you tired of changing your PIN and Pattern very often?

Here we introduce the App Lock to solve all your hassles – App Lock – Google Play . Unlike other App Lock applications, this App Lock application provides two more unique lock options called TimePIN and DatePIN along with the traditional PIN, Pattern and FingerPrint based lock options. Also, it has many more options such as Modifier Options, Last Opened Time, Intruder Detectation, Photo and Video Vault etc. for your android mobile.

  • TimePin Lock: Unlike the ordinary PIN option, if you choose TimePin lock in the App Lock, your lock screen password will be changing every minute to the current time in your mobile. So, your lock screen password will be changing automatically to the current time on every minute and you need not remember anything to recollect the password. Just look at time in the notification bar and enter it.
  • DatePin Lock : DatePin lock is similar to TimePin whereas the PIN will be changing to current date in the mobile instead of the current time. So, your PIN will be changing every day automatically to the current date. Lets say the current date is 13-05-2017 (dd/mm/yyyy format), so your locked apps PIN will be 1305 (dd/mm).

2. Secret Voice Recorder


Secret Voice Recorder is one of the best voice/audio recorder application in Google Play.The unique feature of this application is to let you record the voice or audio without even unlocking the mobile lock screen. All you need to do is to press the mobile power button 3 times, the app will start recording the voice. You can also use the power button to stop the voice recording. This is one of the first few apps which I will download for my new android mobile apart from the general Facebook, Quora and WhatsApp kind of apps.

You can make use of it in many occasions like

  • When traffic police or government officials asks for bribe.
  • When Someone blackmails or threaten you.
  • When you need to record college or school lectures.

Don’t go through the hassle of unlocking and pressing the record button. Download Secret Voice Recorder and have fun in stealthy missions!

You can get the application from Google Play at Secret Voice Recorder – Google Play.

3. Power Button Flashlight


Power Button Flashlight is one of the new flashlight apps in the Google Play. The one feature that makes it stands out from other flashlight apps or Android’s default Flashlight option is its Power Button and Volume Button gesture to turn on or off the flashlight. So, don’t fumble with your mobile when it gets dark. Keep calm and press button or volume buttons to turn on the flashlight.

Using the power button option, you can turn on or off the mobile flashlight without even unlocking the mobile phone or swipe the notification to click the flashlight icon in android mobile.

Along with the power button option, you can turn on the volume button based gesture to use the volume buttons to start the flashlight, if you’re using the Secret Voice Recorder which mentioned previously. For turning on the mobile screen and press volume up and down together. Your mobile flashlight will be turned on/off without even unlocking the mobile. You can download the app at: Power Button Flashlight from Google Play .

4. Filmsquare – Film & TV


Are you a movie buff? Eager to know all the information related to a movie that you’re watching? Filmsquare – Film & TV app is good for you.

Filmsquare is a movie app, that takes information from different networks like IMDB, Themoviedb, google, rottentomatoes and many more to give you just the best. Filmsquare will let you like and save the movies you like to help you keep a list of your favorite films, always updated.

It is really easy to use, user friendly and with a great UI made by a mix between minimal and material

It gives you also suggestions based on your likes and it has also an advanced filter. You can download it for your android phone at Filmsquare – Film & TV – Play Store.

5. Auto Stamper for Camera


Memories are part of life. Today, in this 21st century, everyone has busy schedule and you also have to attend functions every now and then. While attending events, you capture lots of Photos with your smartphone. While choosing favorites from those large number of photos captured we forget that when, where and by whom the photos was clicked. So to help you out with this problem permanently, Auto Stamper for Camera has been designed and is up for you.

Auto Stamper for Camera offers features that no other application has provided to me yet. You’ll love and enjoy using it. We don’t need to remember date when it was captured or where it was capture. Almost everyday one pic is being clicked.

Even all the 3 stamps can also be used at the same time and we can switch it according to our requirement. We can also have customized stamp that will match the theme of the image. Download the app at Auto Stamper for Camera – Play Store.

6. PlayerXtreme – Media Player


Smartphones have become a lot more than a device used only to make calls. It works as useful as a laptop or even a music player. What apps make the phone a great tool? I guess Music/video players, utility apps, security apps and social sharing apps. What if tell you that you can avail all these facilities through one app? Yes, there is a free app which caters everything and it’s called PlayerXtreme. Moreover it’s an Ad-Free community driven app!

You can watch/listen to all your music, videos and films through this app. You can lock and hide all your personal folders, pictures, and videos from this app. You can also share it on social media as well. PlayerXtreme is one of the best entertainment app. There is no need of the top apps to be downloaded on your smartphones, you can avail all the facilities through one app. PlayerXtreme is a complete package that turns your Smartphone into a great tool. I am using a lot of features through one app that’s it is one of my best and most interesting app in Android.

PlayerXtreme Media Player is the most popular cross-platform audio, video, movie and online streaming Player for iPhone now available on Google Play Store. With this Free Media Player you can watch videos, movies, listen to music and more with mesmerizing audio video results, on the go from anywhere even if they’re in any format even if they don’t normally play or even sync with your Phone or Tablet! Download PlayerXtreme Media Player – Play Store & start transferring & watching your favorite movies in HD without conversion!

7. Pocket Sense


Stop worrying about the pickpockets or mobile thieves around you while traveling or public places. Pocket Sense application will ease your tension with our smart solution. Install the Pocket Sense app and enable the Pocket Sense mode.

If you take out the mobile and unlock its lock screen within the delay time, nothing will happen. If someone else takes the mobile out of your pocket and didn’t unlock the mobile within the delay time (which they couldn’t do), the app will start ringing the alarm!

Do you charge your mobile at your workplace or dorm room? Do you want to know when someone accesses your mobile? Enable Charge Sense mode in the app. You will get notified through an alarm while someone disconnects the mobile from charging. Download this awesome app at: Pocket Sense – Google Play Store.

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A Computer geek. Always curious about nature. Eager to learn something new daily. Web Designer/Developer by profession.
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Ravi Mallya

A Computer geek. Always curious about nature. Eager to learn something new daily. Web Designer/Developer by profession.

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